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Product name : Custom 3M MDR cable,3M MDR cable assembly,3M SCSI cable,3M MDR connector
Item : 3M MDR SCSI cable assembly
Price : 3M MDR cable
Desc 1 : 3M MDR cable assembly
Desc 2 : Custom 3M MDR cable
Desc 3 : 3M MDR cable oem
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Custom 3M MDR cable,3M MDR cable assembly,3M SCSI cable,3M MDR connector

3M MDR connector,3M MDR cable assembly,3M Mini Delta Ribbon,3M MDR cable assembly Industrial cable,
3M MDR cable assembly,3M MDR connector,3M Mini Delta Ribbon cable

High Speed MDR cable Assemblies

3M™ Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) High Speed Transmission System

The 3M MDR High Speed Transmission System is a digital interconnect system designed to meet the needs of today’s

high performance data transmission applications.

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology meets the requirements for a general purpose, high bandwidth interface for serial

3M MDR cable assembly,3M MDR connector,Industrial cable connector,Mini D Ribbon cable,MDR cable assembly,SCSI cable,

and parallel data at speeds up to 655 Mbps. The LVDS Standard is based on the use of 100 Ohm differential impedance transmission medium

from driver to receiver. Signal skew is the largest factor inhibiting speed within a system and can occur at all points along the transmission

path: driver to receiver circuits, circuit board traces, cables and connectors.

3M MDR 10126,3M MDR 10114,3M MDR 10168,3M MDR 10136,LVDS cable,Medical device cable

Both types of skew within pair skew and channel skew can

prohibit optimum performance in high speed transmission systems. 3M MDR Connectors provide an excellent solution for the demanding

requirements of LVDS applications.

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3M MDR seriers connector P/N:

3M MDR 10140-6000EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10114-3000PE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10120-3000PE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-3000PE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-3000PE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10136-52B2PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10168-6010EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-4CZ3PL SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-8000EE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-3000PE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 101A0-6000EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-52B2PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-52E2PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10114-6000EC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10126-6000EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10120-6000EC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10140-3000PE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10120-52B2PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-5212PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10136-5212PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-6000EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10168-900APL SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10168-6000EC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10180-6000EC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10126-900APL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-90AAPC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-900APL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-3000PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-3000PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10168-8100EE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-3000PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10168-8000EE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 101A0-900APC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10120-5212PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-7212PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-5212PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-7242PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-3000VE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10120-72B2VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-72B2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-72B2VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10114-3000VE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10120-3000VE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-3000VE SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10140-3000VE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10120-52B2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10126-52B2VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10136-52B2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-52B2VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10136-72B2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 101A0-900APL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-6000EC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10120-5212VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-5212VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10126-900AJL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10136-3000VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-5212VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-52B2PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-3000VE SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10126-72B2PC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10136-7212VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-3000VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-5242VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-52E2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-7242VC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10168-900AJL SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 101A0-4CZ3JL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 101A0-900AVC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-72E2PC SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-72E2VC SCSI cable assembly
3M MDR 10150-9000JL SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR 10150-900AJL SCSI cable assembly

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101263000PE,3M1769,4547452371693,5 45 48623 74495 2,5 48623 74495,54745237169,
JE-1503-2860-5,JE-1504-2999-9,JE150328605,JE150429999,3M MDR cable assembly Industrial cable
3M MDR connector,D-Shaped Connectors,Mini D Ribbon,MDR cable assembly
3M MDR cable assembly,3M MDR connector,Industrial cable connector,Mini D Ribbon cable,MDR cable assembly,
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Custom 3M MDR cable,3M MDR cable assembly,3M SCSI cable,3M MDR connector,
3M MDR SCSI cable assembly,3M MDR cable assembly,Custom 3M MDR cable,
3M MDR 10126,3M MDR 10114,3M MDR 10168,3M MDR 10136
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