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3M Offers Wide Range of Power over Camera Link Cabling Solutions for Machine Vision Applications
 3M Offers Wide Range of Power over Camera Link Cabling Solutions for Machine Vision Applications

3M Electronic Solutions Division now offers new cabling solutions for users of high-performance digital camera applications. The High Speed 0.8 mm Cable Assemblies for Power over Camera Link (PoCL) from 3M is based on the PoCL base configuration for machine vision applications. The 3M family of 0.8 mm cable assemblies provides a broad range of interface solutions for Camera Link applications.

PoCL cables mate to industry standard Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) 26-position PoCL camera connections. They enable machine vision cameras to be powered through the data cable rather than a separate power cable, which potentially eliminates the need for a power connector, saving board space and panel real estate, and allowing the design of smaller cameras.

PoCL cable assemblies from 3M are designed to offer high performance and reliability even in the toughest industrial settings. These assemblies are built to rigorous standards of workmanship with premium, quality materials. PoCL cable assemblies from 3M provide excellent signal integrity and low skew, helping customers attain low bit-error rates.

3M is a recognized leader in Camera Link connectivity. For example, the 26-position 3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connector is the only known connector approved by the Automated Imaging Association for its Camera Link standard. 3M brand PoCL assemblies are backed by extensive expertise of 3M in technical expertise in connectors, cable and cable assemblies.

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