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How far can you stretch your Camera Link cable?
How far can you stretch your camera link cable?

Every once in a while I find myself explaining why you can't run Camera Link 15 meters, when 15 meter cables are available
from several vendors. End users don't usually want to hear about the MHz and bit rate details, they just want a straight answer.
But when the answer is in the form of a curve I find myself struggling to come up with an easy explanation.
There is no ideal interface. Camera Link certainly has it's shortcomings, but it also has its benefits, specially when it comes to
precise camera control which makes many end users very happy when they see that the camera actually does what they tell it
to do. But the cable itself does cause some heartburn when the connectors break or when the end user stares at me with a blank
look while I'm trying to explain why they can't use the 15 meter cables for their particular application.
The prevailing general rule of thumb is that Camera Link will operate at up to 7 meters, with exceptions, but I'll leave that monolog
for another posting. The latest Matrox claim is that their newest version of the Radient eV-CL will actually operate at up to 15 meters
on regular Hi-Flex cables. I wonder if the drivers on the camera side have any influence on this performance, shouldn't they?
I'll have to test it out.
I can only guess how they achieve this distance - maybe a similar way that the Bitmaxx cables also claim to perform at this distance. 
If you reached reading this far without nodding off that means you have an interest in the topic. I'll be performing some tests to see
how true this is this same month of June.

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