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MDR Wire-to-Board Connectors | 3M™ Interconnect Solutions

MDR Wire-to-Board Connectors | 3M™ Interconnect Solutions

3M MDR Wire-to-Board Connectors

3M's wire-to-board connector has many complete assembly solution available. The connector also has a wiper-on-wiper
contact for reliable, repetitive plugging. The MDR connector is available in vertical through hole, surface mount, and press
fit designs. As are many of 3M's products, the MDR wire-to-board connector is RoHS compliant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Many assorted complete assembly solutions are available
  • Wiper-on-wiper contact for reliable, repetitive plugging
  • Digital LCD interface in 20 or 26 contact connectors
  • IEEE 1284C interface as a 36 contact connector
  • CameraLink® interface in 26 contact connector with SMT
  • Vertical through hole, SMT and press-fit design board mount receptacles
  • 14 to 100 contact connector interface options


  • Industrial Instruments/Controls
  • Medical
  • Communications Systems
  • Security
  • Storage Systems
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Transportation
  • POS Terminals

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