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VDHCI cable connector Very-high-density cable interconnect
VHDCI cable connector
Very-high-density cable interconnect

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A VHDCI connector.
A very-high-density cable interconnect (VHDCI) is a 68-pin connector that was introduced in the SPI-3 document of SCSI-3.
The VHDCI connector is a very small connector that allows placement of four wide SCSI connectors on the back of a single PCI card slot.
Physically, it looks like a miniature Centronics type connector. It uses the regular 68-contact pin assignment. The male connector (plug) is
used on the cable and the female connector ("receptacle") on the device.
Other uses
Apart from the standardized use with the SCSI interface, several vendors have also used VHDCI connectors for other types of computer interfaces:
NVidia: for an external PCI Express 8-lane interconnect, and used in Quadro Plex VCS and in Quadro NVS 420 as a display port connector
ATI Technologies: on the FireMV 2400 to convey two DVI and two VGA signals on a single connector, and ganging two of these connectors
side-by-side in order to allow the FireMV 2400 to be a low-profile quad display card.
Juniper Networks: for their 12- and 48-port 100Base-TX PICs (physical interface cards). The cable connects to the VHDCI connector on the PIC
on one end, via an RJ-21 connector on the other end, to an RJ-45 patch panel.
Cisco: 3750 StackWise stacking cables
National Instruments: on their high-speed digital I/O cards 

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