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VHDCI SCSI (SCSI-5) LVDS Cable SCSI-5 (VHDCI) to SCSI-3 Cable - VHDCI .8mm 68-pin Male to HPDB68 (HD68) 68-pin
 Genuine Amphenol stackable VHDCI SCSI cable products allow 4 plug connectors to fit within a single EISA, ISA,
or PCI slot. Our VHDCI SCSI cables are built and tested to the latest specifications and feature Amphenol designed
EMI shielded nickel plated zinc diecast backshells for added durablity. Also known as SCSI-5, the 68-pin VHDCI
interface is 100% compatible with LVD/SE signal sets and connects the latest generation of Ultra-320 SCSI RAID
controllers, disk drives, storage arrays and host bus adapters with 320MB/s data-rates.
Product Features:
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SCSI-5 (VHDCI) 0.8mm 68-pin stackable SCSI cable by Amphenol AIPC
100% double shielded twisted pair design for superior EMI/RFI rejection
VHDCI 0.8mm 68-pin male to male die-cast SCSI connectors pre-installed
Lead-Free PVC cable jacket with zinc die-cast backshells for durability
30 AWG solid tin-plated copper conductors provide enhanced flexibility
Madison brand low-skew low-loss universal SCSI cable construction
M2 stainless steel jackscrews pre-installed
Patented integral front shell eliminates unwanted seams
Patented strain relief feature reduces cable compression
All components are UL Listed and CSA Approved
Available in 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m & 8m cable lengths
RoHS compliant

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