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VisionLink Series Camera Link Framegrabbers & Extenders

VisionLink Series Camera Link Framegrabbers & Extenders

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The VisionLink F1 is a low-cost, 1-lane PCI Express framegrabber that supports all base mode
Camera Link cameras from 20-85 MHz. The VisionLink F4 is a 4-lane version, supporting medium
and full mode cameras with bandwidth to spare, using onboard memory and DMA speeds exceeding
the maximum Camera Link bandwidth of 850MB/sec.
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Both boards support up to 85MHz camera clock speeds on PCIe Gen2 and 3, and can be ordered with
normal or half-height backplanes to fit in standard or low-profile systems. For details see the datasheet
or contact us.
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And coming soon: the VisionLink RCX, next generation Camera Link extender with 85 MHz capability
and up to 10 taps in 2-pair configurations. Click on the image above for (preliminary) details. 

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