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What is SCSI Cables

SCSI Cables

Our internal 68 pin U320/U160/LVD/SE cables use Amphenol brand cabling. Our external
cables use high quality Hitachi brand cabling. Both of these types of cables are of excellent
quality and are priced very competitively.

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Internal SCSI Cables

External U320 SCSI Cables

Other External SCSI Cables

Connector Types

Here's a table of various connectors to help you pick the correct cable for your application.
The numbers represent the pin counts. All connectors are as seen on the devices/controllers,
not on cabling.
SCSI Cables,Internal SCSI Cables
Image Name Width Connector type
Centronics 50 2.5" External Narrow
DB25 1.5" External Narrow
HD50 1.38" External Narrow
IDC 50 2.6" Internal Narrow
HD68 (external) 1.8" External Wide
HD68 (internal) 1.8" Internal Wide
VHDCI 68 1.25" External Wide
SCA 80 2.15" Internal Wide Hotswap


  • Internal cabling: Standard 50 pin SCSI cabling has female connectors while 50 pin drives
  • have male connectors. Standard 68 pin cabling is the opposite. It has male connectors
  • while 68 pin drives have female connectors.
  • External cabling: External SCSI cables have just two connectors and they are typically
  • male. External devices will typically have female connectors.

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SCSI Cables,Internal SCSI Cables,External U320 SCSI Cables,Other External SCSI Cables
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